Executive Management Team

JoeC headshot

Joseph Cammarata

Chief Executive Officer
"I have spent my whole life of dedication and hard work, inventing and innovating in technology.
The successes are the ones that have risen above and transformed the finance and IOT industries.
I intend to continue that positive pattern at Investview."

Annette Raynor

Chief Operations Officer
"Leveraging technology to educate individuals around the world is not just a goal - it's my mission."

Mario Romano

Director of Finance
"In business results matter -- and results are, at the end of the day, all that really does matter."

William Kosoff

Corporate Secretary
As our Corporate Secretary and Oversight, Bill ensures our filings, disclosures, and required reporting is accurate and timely.
invu JM

Jayme McWidener

CFO - Chief Financial Officer
Jayme McWidener assisted the company in their transition to a public reporting company. As CFO, she will be able to ensure our on-going commitment to transparency and profitability.
John Tabacco

John Tabacco

CDO - Chief Digital Officer
“The path of innovation and disruption is littered with great ideas never acted upon.
Our team is acting on changing the way wealth is generated, invested, and accumulated,
with a tenacious committment to that goal."
Investview, Inc. BBB Business Review

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Investview Inc. is a public company listed on the OTCQB with the symbol INVU.